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Beetree Kalnarei

   Guthor and Safaris birthed BeeTree into the noble house of Kalnarei. Known for their distribution of Weaponry in Eastern Variendale, the family specializes in the shipping industry. Living not far from the Eastern coast, BeeTree grew up surrounded by the high class life. Her family worships Biark the Bee God the provider of life. 

Growing up, BeeTree was taught the scripture and teaching of Biark but at a young age had questioned some of the teachings and practices. Because of this, BeeTree decided to leave her home in search for answers.

In her travels BeeTree stumbled upon an old gentleman who was one of the original followers of their religion. After discussing over a plate of biscuits and tea that BeeTree graciously offered, she had learned that the modern teachings were eschewed.

The next few hours BeeTree asked the man all of the questions she had held on to for years. The next morning, the man was gone before BeeTree woke up. Rising up she saw a large bumble bee land in front of her. As she sat up, the bee radiated a bright yellow light, and in this light Biark reached out to touch BeeTree. Biark spoke to BeeTree and explained to her that she is to spread the true word of Biark and to show the good that is in the world. Biark then vanished back into the light and left alone was the large bumble bee on the tree stump.

Kneeling down, BeeTree devoted herself to the word of Biark and had found a new power within herself.

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Beetree icon.png
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