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Caelynn knightly

   Caelynn was born into nobility and chosen by the elders to bare the ancient secrets of the High Elves of Variendale. In her early years, she surrounded herself with her books. A combination of science, magic and the occasional fairy tale. These books meant the world to Caelynn, she even considered them her friends, for the one chosen by the elders were never to mingle among the commoners.


Years went by, studying, rehearsing, repeating what she was told. One day however, Caelynn's destiny would change. In the midst of celebrating her mother and fathers anniversary, the city was raided by the bloody king, Folcrim. The city was set ablaze as the king and his men slaughtered a large amount of the high elves, including the Elder Elves. Whilst her parents were defending themselves, Caelynn looked within herself and within her emotions to cast a massive spell that obliterated the king and his men.


Waking up a month later, Caelynn recovered and was praised for protecting her city. Confused by all of this, Caelynn asks her parents to explain to her what had happened, for she had lost all memory of the events on that night, including her mastery of spells over the years. After a few years of reteaching herself what she had lost, Caelynn made the decision to leave her city in aiming to learn more about magic, learning what she is capable of, and discovering why she had suffered such a loss of memory.

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