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From the time he could walk, Mafaris was always found with his nose in a book. Extremely curious of the world around him, Mafaris' parents scraped up enough money to send him to a land faraway, to learn more than his hometown could provide. Mafaris' quickly learned at a young age that all the other boys and girls around him were different, and would often isolate himself, through no fault of his own. Mafaris didn't mind, the other kids were loud and violent, nothing like him. Electing to use his free time to continue learning, Mafaris quickly Rose to the top of the class, much to the anger of the other students.


On his 12th name day, a pair of hooded figures showed up, inquiring about a young Tiefling boy. After a short conversation with the headmaster, and the exchange of a large coin bag, Mafaris was taken away from his second home, and thrust into the world of the Arcana. The two hooded figures, Hrodas and Thatmïïr, quickly formed a bond with the young Tiefling, and treated him as if he were their son. Mafaris was given an almost limitless source of books and scrolls, where he continued to learn about the known, and unknown world. Mafaris continued to learn under the careful eyes of Hrodas and Thatmïïr, for 10 years, until his 22nd name day. As he was browsing through scrolls read a dozen times, Mafaris heard a door open, and then close. Thinking nothing of it, he continued to read until he fell asleep late into the night. Waking up as he usually did, the Tiefling left his room to grab a glass of water. As he rounded the corner, he noticed a large rucksack with a single page on it. It was instructions from his guardians, telling Mafaris that the next part of his education was found in the World, where everyone he would meet shall teach him a lesson, and that knowing a lot of information was useless unless he was able to practice.

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