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mcjazzer the haphazard


Growing up in Tigresvile . Mcjazzer claimed an oath to the water goddess Wahineomo. Mcjazzer followed in her families footsteps and joined the the military, like her dads dad, her dads dads dad, and her dads mothers cousin. After reaching the rank of Tech Sargent, she was honorably discharged. Once out of the military, McJazzer became a notable blacksmith within Tigresvile. Many years of a successful Forge, the city praised Mcjazzer for her craftsmanship and rewarded her with many gifts.


On her off time Mcjazzer would often spend time with her lady friends, and bars. On an evening such as this, Tigrsevile was attacked. Fleeing for her life, she stumbled upon a group of adventurers who were searching for answers. With Mcjazzers help, they saved Tigresvile and she now has a new home with these group of adventures.

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