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A New Look?

Hello everyone,

As you can see the site has received a complete overhaul! We realized the consistency with our content has been non-existant and I am looking to remedy that issue. Over the past two years the quality and quantity of content has been subpar at best. Going forward we will be working hard to bring you the quality content you guys have enjoyed in the past. I will also be as transparent with you all as much as possible without spoiling some of the great concepts we have in the works. Our first major project will announced closer to the end of the year, but for the meantime I will be updating the site with blog post's on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Looking back at our content I realize you all like a variety of things and we will try our best to focus on different types of entertainment for you guys. Lastly, I want to thank you guys for the support that you've shown even after the multiple breaks between content. Without your views, comments, and follows I wouldn't have anything to entertain.


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