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Bones, Scars and Heart

We continue with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with its second film, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest. More swashbuckling fun, political turmoil, and betrayal of all kinds. Let's jump into the pros and cons of Disney's favorite pirating group (not you Pirate Bay. RIP).


Much like its predecessor, Dead Mans Chest is filled with fantastic characters and the actors that portray them. The addition of Bill Nighy as Davy Jones brings in that extra layer of creepiness that we all think of while sailing the seven seas!

The fighting sequences in this film are far more intricate and interesting. It's fun trying to think about how they were able to shoot some of the sequences. The final act shows different sceneries and the choreography is phenomenal. Three way fight sings, mixed with a chase scene and forcing characters to work together. The fights scenes in this movie are definitely worth its run time.

The world building in this film expands on far more than the first movie had time for. Introducing both Davy Jones in the fantasy element and Cutler Beckett on the more grounded, political side of things. Adding these two characters really made the story worth investing into.


Though I praised the movie earlier for the awesome fighting sequences, the run time for the movie definitely tests the patience of the audience. There are moments where the movies momentum shifts and drags for a bit too long. If you can get passed that though, you're golden.

Now I know last review we talked about the CGI, but we can't help but point out some of the stuff that takes us away from the immersion. Davy Jones' character design is without a doubt, badass however there are times when he is interacting with other actors, and the actor is not looking in his direction, or the foreground is too full of the tentacle face.

We of course are going to end the cons with the exact reason we gave a con to the first film. Elizabeth. Swann, her scenes are meaningless, her interactions are questionable, and she provides nothing to the overall story. OVERALL

The second movie in the series is a very important stepping stone. It expands on the world in interesting ways. If you enjoyed the first one, this one might not be what you were expecting but it definitely takes you for a ride. Which I think is what we all want from these movies.

7/10 - Tentacles

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