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Dear Evan Hansen

Social media is a tool that many of us use in order to see information and stay connected to those we admire and hold dear. Sometimes, however, it is a tool that could be used to expose us in a different light. Dear Evan Hansen attempts to do the latter. I personally have my own opinions about the overall story, however let's get into the shows overall pros and cons.


It's always a pleasure to go to a show where the audience can understand both the lyrics and musical melody. This production is without a doubt, loud, but in all the right ways. With just a handful of vocalist on stage, their voices make it sound like ten more cast members are singing with them.

The acting is so strong, from the main character to the supporting cast, every role is played with perfect subtleties. From a small physical tick, to a large reaction, the dynamic movement in each scene keeps you engaged. Major moments between the parents and children of the story, I feel are the bread and butter of the show.

You Will Be Found is the powerhouse song we get to enjoy at the end of the first act. A beautifully created message outside of the context of the overall narrative. The powerful vocals mixed with the modern orchestral backing really pulls at the heartstrings. WIth additional voice over being added throughout the song that brings another dimension into the scene, you can feel the power that is being delivered. Without a doubt the best part of the show.


One of the major narrative components of the story is the use of social media, though there are a few displays on the stage its hard to make out exactly what is being displayed. From a vague Twitter timeline to a generic Facebook blur, it gives you enough to understand what platform is being used, but I feel as though it was tough at times to differentiate between the narrative and what was visually on stage.

OVERALL Dear Evan Hansen is a show that tackles mental illness in its own way. From an angsty teen to a socially awkward individual to struggling parents, there are aspects that many people can relate to in the show.

If you have personal experience with mental health issues then I would highly recommend looking more into the story before going to see the show.

6/10 People wrote on my cast.

You can purchase tickets here:

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