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Disney Plus Has Risen

So for this weeks Movie Monday we are actually going to talk a little bit about the new Disney streaming service, Disney Plus. As many of us young adults and adult younglings have grown up with the influence of Disney films and television shows, it’s no surprise that you see us all watching all of our favorites. From the classic Swiss Family Robison To the modern Duck Tales cartoon, Disney Plus offers an insane amount of content.

In the modern era of streaming entertainment Disney has made a very smart move by gaining the viewership that Netflix once triumphed over. Now we have another option for our on demand entertainment and for the price is worth It.

Now for me, I personally want to invest into streaming services that have fantastic original content. For example, I am a huge DC Comics fan boy and was very excited for their own streaming service to launch in hopes that the original programming was going to be captivating enough. Thankfully it was, and I will continue to subscribe to the service as long as they keep pumping out great content. So far on Disney Plus I have seen two solid shows that will keep me engaged at least for the first few months of Disney Plus. The Mandalorian, directed and written by Jon Favreau, is a solid start to there collection of original content. I’m such a huge fan of the first two episodes that I might write individual reviews every week!

This is what I’m hoping Disney Plus is able to do, keep us talking about new and exciting stories on their platform. If you haven’t already subscribed to Disney Plus, I highly recommend you do. There is so much to watch that you won’t be disappointed. You can even start your seven day free trail to check it out!

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