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Exactly What Star Wars Needed

After last nights season finale of The Mandalorian I woke up with the sense of excitement again for the Star Wars universe. Without a doubt The Mandalorian Season 2 is the best thing to happen in 2020. I believe this is thanks to the amount of love that has gone into the show. From the Director down to the gips, you can see just how much love has gone into making the show look as badass as it is.

I know a lot of people are upset that they are bringing in established characters from other stories, but given the timeline of the show I think they are throwing just enough nuance to keep us intrigued. I remember reading the extended universe stories when I was younger and having the sense of mystery and familiarity with the stories. There is a reason why we have story tropes, people like it, and people also love seeing characters we once loved come back in a different way.

Knowing that Disney has announced a plethora of new shows coming in 2021 I am hoping they view The Mandalorian as a good reference point for production. I can't wait to see what is in store for us.

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