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An exciting announcement for you all! With the success of our live stream of the Bluhdhaven Podcast we will be adding exclusive live streams to the site! If you read the blog post I'm sure you were curious as to what that entails. If you visit the front page of the site you will see Upcoming Events! What is it exactly? Well, it is where you can purchase a virtual ticket to watch us record our shows LIVE! You will be able to see some of the antics that are edited out of the final episode.

Each live stream will cost non-sponsors of the site a whopping $2.00, but if you're a sponsor, all live streams are included in your monthly subscription! When a new live stream is scheduled, all sponsors will be provided a one time discount code to use for their free virtual ticket! FOR THOSE LOCAL TO TUCSON, ARIZONA! Another aspect we are bringing to our local fans is an in studio ticket! That's right, if you live in Tucson you can physically come into the studio and watch the live stream! We are currently working out more of the details; if this interests you please leave a comment, or feel free to reach out to me directly! As always, thank you all for supporting us and we can't wait to show you what we have in store!

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