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New Live Streams Await!

Hello everyone! Thank you for being patient as we made our move. We had a lot of stuff to move around and we are almost finished with the new studio space! With that being said there will be a few changes to our streams. Something that we have been wanting to do for a while now is live stream our recordings, so, that is exactly what is. coming your way! We will be testing it over the next few weeks with live streams of The Bluhdhaven Podcast! I know many of you watch our content on Twitch, however this will be a exclusive! So be sure to sign up for the site and watch us live this coming Tuesday March 15th for our first ever live recording!

In addition to you being able to watch us record, we have a few new faces that we plan on bringing to our Twitch Channel. Be sure to follow our blog and all of our social media to be informed on the changes! Once again, thank you all for being patient with us, we are preparing for a very busy year with some fun content coming your way!

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