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Pretty Woman The Musical

Have some wine and come in with a smile on your heart for Pretty Woman a show that I was unprepared to enjoy as much as I did. With fantastic wardrobe and some enjoyable choreography, the show brings to life the famous movie many of us has seen in the past and with every adaptation, there is always room for something new. With that being said let’s jump into the Pros and Cons of Pretty Woman The Musical.

PROS For those who have read our reviews in the past, you know that Centennial Hall’s audio is always a topic we cover. Surprisingly enough, the sound quality for both the actors and the orchestra was fantastic. One of the more enjoyable shows to watch due to the audio quality. The choreography in this show is not the most extravagant, but that is where it shines. It is a prime example on how sometimes less is more. This show has one of the most beautiful combinations of classical Opera that mixes with modern theatre. Without spoiling too much I truly think this sequence is worth the ticket price. The supporting cast really brightens up the overall story with comedic beats and phenomenal music performances.

Without a doubt, the biggest highly of the show is seeing Adam Pascal in the male lead role of Edward Lewis. His powerful rock-like voice gives his character a layer of depth and passion that I feel no other actor could bring. CONS The soundtrack for this show is powerful without a doubt, but some of the songs lose their dramatic effect by being too simple. With a lack of visuals during some numbers, they fail to bring the dramatic tone that the music brings. Unfortunately the female leads vocals fell flat from time to time throughout the performance. Many dramatic sequences missed its impact because of this. OVERALL I think Pretty Woman The Musical is a fun romance dropped with a bit of comedy that many theatre goers will enjoy, especially being able to see Adam Pascal in this role. Don’t miss your chance to see it! 9/10 Pretty Women

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