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Replicas Movie Review

Replicas is a movie that is a hard film to put into the categories of bad or good. The movie is interesting more than anything. As always we have the pros, cons, and final thoughts so let's dive into what makes Replicas good, bad and interesting.

Let's start with the very few pros to this movie.

PROS Replicas has some great concepts for science fiction. One of the biggest concepts that grab my interest is the idea of moving someone's consciousness into a robot, or other type of vessel while maintaining that person's personality and memories. If you're into that idea, then I think this movie might keep you engaged, at least for the first two acts.

The cinematography is for the most part beautiful. So many of the shots in the film have such amazing colors and storytelling. The motion of the camera really kept me on the edge of my seat for certain scenes. So here is a 1up to the cinematography in the film!

The writing in the first act of the film is some heavy stuff. No spoilers, but the main character (Keanu Reeves) is put through a very traumatic event that leads to the events of the rest of the film. The acting from Keanu is fantastic and caught me off guard. I almost cried for him.

Unfortunately, let's get into the cons of this film.


The acting in this movie is so rough to get passed. Keanu Reeves was definitely the highlight of the film but almost everyone else in this movie felt lifeless. It was as if they just said their lines with no emotion and it felt very artificial. You can feel the lack of enthusiasm with many of the actors which is such a shame. It made me less interested in the characters.

The pacing of the movie fluctuates in a bizarre way. Again, the first two acts feel pretty solid, but certain revelations for the characters come out of left field. To be honest I kind of personally liked that they didn't beat around the bush, but in terms of fleshing out details for the characters it felt wrong and was another reason to feel disassociated with the film.

Now let's get into the weird third act of the film. I really feel like the writers put too much in this film and that lead to the poor writing in the end. I strongly feel like the first two acts of the film have a solid concept and had promise to a more interesting ending, but switching from a suspenseful sci fi flick to a survival one felt unnecessary and congested for what the rest of the movie was providing.

OVERALL Replicas is a film that truly felt like everyone on the team enjoyed the concept on paper, but during production may have felt differently. To me I think the film was a solid popcorn film. A few hours away from reality to watch something that you know is fake, but entertaining nonetheless. Watch it on a rainy day, or when you need some background noise.


6/10 - Keanu is the reason to watch it. He's a babe.

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