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The Family Stone

Oh by oh by oh by! Most Christmas has us all missing the lead up to the festivities and some of us might be inclined to watch some Christmas themed romance movies. Do yourselves a favor and save yourself. I unfortunately could not escape the tornado of a holiday disaster that is The Family Stone. As always, let's jump into the pros and cons of this train wreck of a film.


This list as you may have guessed is going to be pretty small. One of the eye catchers to this film is definitely the casting list. From Claire Danes, to Racheal McAdams and Luke Wilson you will easily be interested from the cast alone.


Let's get into the plethora of cons in this movies Starting of course with: THE NONE EXISTENT PLOT! From the get go we have very vague motives of each character with little to no back story as to why they act the way they do towards Sarah Jessica Parker's character. There is a small thread of an over arching story but it seems like the movie primarily focus' on falsely made drama.

The cinematography is lack luster. It feels as though you are watching a Hallmark movie during the Christmas season, not like a feature film that DESERVES to be in a movie theatre.

You will feel super uncomfortable in almost every scene. Its hard to find a likable character when everyone single one of them is treating the others like a big pile of dog doo-doo. Even the character that we are rooting for turns out to be unlikable in the end. I've never felt less for characters in a movie than I have with this one.

My biggest problem is towards the beginning in which a new person comes to celebrate Christmas with a family, in which the entire family is unnecessarily bitter, mean, and rude for ZERO reason. In addition, the tail end of the movie also suffers from unrealistic bullshit writing that has a unsatisfying ending.


Do not waste your time, unless you need pointless background noise to finish cooking your cookies during the holiday season. The plot sucks, the characters suck, the cinematography sucks, and you'll regret wasting your time trying to find the good in a large pile of doo-doo.


10/10 DOO-DOOS 0/10 STONES

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