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Broadway in Tucson has brought a much needed show to our town. Tootsie the musical is a fun filled ride all the way through to the end. Loosely based on the 1982 film of the same name, Tootsie the musical has a charm that resonates with a wide audience. With that being said lets get into the pros and cons of Tootsie!


The energy of this entire show is nonstop fun. The cast brings such a chaotic energy that keeps you engaged all the way through. Even the slow beats are brought to life with hyper expression. If you are prone to falling asleep during a show, be prepared to stay way for this one.

The choreography for this show was so much fun to watch. Not only is it graceful, but at the perfect moments they are dramatic to highlight the "over the top" expression during scenes. A detail overlooked in some shows, the choreography really shines.

The comedic world has its own internal debate on what is funny and what is not, but this show is able to convey some of the funniests jokes I've heard in a long time. There is a joke for everyone in this show. The audience (including myself) were laughing nonstop. When an audience, collectively is able to sustain laughing for over an hour, you know it's a good show.

The set design in this show is simple, straight forward, but gives just the right amount of detail. Utilizing as much space as they have, and creating clever ways to repurpose every aspect of the set was such a delight to see.


So unfortunately there is no show without flaws, and this show has a few but luckily not as many as others I've seen.

A large issue I have with this show is the music. The composition for some of the songs doesn't fit the feel of the scene for me. Words get jumbled up and feel as if they are stepping on each other. Sometimes less can be more.

Now this last one is a very specific issue that I personally have. Perhaps it was the audio tech in charge, but the microphones for the show were completely unbalanced. It was difficult hearing the lyrics being sung by the lead, constant static, and what even sounded like someone unplugging and replugging the mic. I understand live theatre is tricky and some things can mess up, but when they do it ruins an experience.


In conclusion, Tootsie is by far some of the most fun I have ever had at a musical. The humor, the relatability of the characters make for a pleasurable experience. If you ever get the chance to see Tootsie your in for a fabulously fun time!


9/10 Nurses

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