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Weekly Recap!

Wow what a week of content! First off I want to thank you guys for catching the new episode of Stratos Fear this week! We are so excited to bring a new genre to you all! With that being said if you missed out on any of our videos this week here is a break down of what you missed!!


Part 2 and the conclusion of our Princess Bride The Board Game Adventure released on our site!

Tuesday: Stratos Fear Episode 2 - An Awakening

The crew awakens after their long journey. What drama could possibly be awaiting them? Wednesday:

Tucson by Night Chapter Chapter 17 - No Friends, Only Blood

Nathaniel finds himself torn between his inner demons. Elena creeps around in a slide. Kenneth and Estrella reunite with an old friend.


The Bluhdhaven Podcast #88 - NSFWaffles Featuring Poo Poo Soup

The crew welcomes Bru back to the podcast for a very special Waffles episode!

Don't forget that we also have a "forum" section on that site. Here is where you can talk about our latest projects, ask questions, and connect with other community members!

We can't thank you all enough for those who watch our content! We continue to do so because of you! We will be back next week for another recap. Until then, be good to each other!

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