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Weekly Recap!

Wow!! What a week we've had. As we mentioned last week, we will be providing a weekly update on Friday's to keep you all up to date with our latest releases! So if you have asked yourself what you missed this week, here is the run down!

Monday, September 20th

On Monday we released our first video in, Back to the Future Dice Through Time! Balfour, Buddy, Kris and Marcus attempt to fix the space time continuum!

Tuesday, September 21st

We were super excited for episode 3 of Stratos Fear to release. The crew is starting to discover a few things aren't right in Devils Peak.

Wednesday, September 22nd

The Misfit Moon has returned to a beloved location after Zander and Nathaniel have a heart to heart.

Thursday, September 23rd We finished off the week with a new episode of the Bluhdhaven Podcast. Balfour, Marcus and Buddy sit down and shoot the shit!

We can't wait for next weeks releases and we hope you all are enjoying the shows! Don't forget to check out the Forum space here on Bluhdhaven. A few community members are already adding some theories to a few of our shows so don't be afraid to join in on the conversation! We look forward to next week as we bring some more content your way!

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