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Weekly Recap!

This week was filled with more shenanigans than we can count! What did you all miss? Well let's recap!

Monday, September 27th

Part 2 of our Monopoly Bid was released! Balfour gets a little revenge on Buddy in this video with a little help from Marcus!

Tuesday, September 28th

Episode 4 of Stratos Fear was released!

Liu, Emilio and Sassy make their way into the mines and discover something unsettling.

Wednesday, September 29th Chapter 19 of Tucson by Night is released. Patricia Robinson informs Estrella of her immunity, but she is not done just yet. Elena investigates a house that was recently in the news. Nathaniel discovers more of his missing friend.

Thursday, September 30th

Balfour, Buddy, Marcus and Hollie discuss the newly announced voice cast of the upcoming animated movie Super Mario.

This past week has been excited! We can't wait for you guys to check out next weeks content! Be sure to join for the Forum and keep up with us on our social media!

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