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Weekly Recap!

What a doozy of a week! Streams, Alien, Vampires and more!

Monday, October 4th

We skipped our weekly board game video to make way for our Battle of the Monarchs stream! A massive 4 vs 4 of Munchkin!

Tuesday, October 5th

Things are popping off in Stratos Fear. Mysteries are slowly being uncovered.

Wednesday, October 6th

Tucson by Night is slowly coming to the end of Book 1. What has Elena gotten herself into, and what does Nathaniel plan to do about this mysterious figure.

Thursday, October 7th

The crew was excited to have Chris back on the podcast! As usual the podcast got a little out of hand.

WOW! What a week! We can't wait to bring more content out to you all next week so be sure to check on the site every day for more content!

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