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Ultgnar LateForDinner Thuliaga

An injured bird flew into Ultgnar's snow-mountain village one day, revealing itself to be a gorgeous woman with pointed ears and blueish white skin. His family took her in and healed her. Her name was O'livia Moon, but Ultgnar believing the O to be an exclamation, and having come from a clan which has no concept of the L sound, believed her name to be Ivia Moon. Surely this being was some goddess who fell to earth from her heavenly abode. Ultgnar was never a good listener. Ivia left one morning fearing the cruel Githyanki wizard Molestro, and his army would eventually find her, and put these mountain people in danger. Ultgnar left to find her but returned late in the evening having not done so. His families yurt, and all other yurts and families were slaughtered and lay burning. His father, the only one with any life left in him, reached his arm up to grab Ultgnars hand. "You ere late for dinner son" was all that he said before passing. Now Ultgnar has come down from the mountain to find his Moon Goddess and the unknown enemy who killed his people.

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